Professional House Cleaning Supplies List

House Cleaning Supplies ChecklistA comprehensive professional house cleaning supplies list.

Are you new to house cleaning and need a list of supplies to clean houses? Don’t show up to a clients home without the needed cleaning supplies to clean a home.

Professional cleaning services provide the cleaning supplies needed to clean a home. When pricing cleaning jobs companies should take into account the cost of these supplies.

Choose equipment and supplies that will work for you so that you spend less time scrubbing. With the right supplies you can clean faster, while still maintaining a high quality clean.



A few rules to follow when bringing the house cleaning supplies.

#1  Always use the same supplies.

All cleaning supplies work differently and leave a different clean. By using the same supplies, you’ll become very familiar in how to use them. And secondly, you will provide a consistent clean.


#2  Always keep back up cleaning supplies.

You don’t want to arrive to a job and run out of toilet bowl cleaner half way through the job. When we cleaned houses, we always kept back up cleaning supplies in the car. This way when we arrived to a house to clean, we would fill up our cleaning bottles before we went into the house.


#3  Use quality products.

Stay away from dollar store cleaners or off brands. They do not clean as well as premium cleaning supplies.

By buying quality house cleaning supplies you will provide a better clean for your clients. Plus you will have to do less scrubbing, because the cleaning products will work better at cutting through soap scum, grease and grim.


Professional House Cleaning Supplies List

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  • Vacuum, use for carpet and hard floors
  • Steam Clean Mop – used to mop hard floors
  • Spray Mop – used to mop Wood and Laminate floors
  • Broom – used to sweep outside areas (porches, walk-ways)
  • Long Duster – used to dust ceilings, ceiling fans, high to reach wall hangings, and baseboards
  • Apron – used to carry cleaning supplies on you as you clean
  • Cleaning Caddy – used to carry all cleaning supplies into a home
  • Small Hand Duster – used to dust small objects such as lamps and picture frames, and furniture surfaces
  • Razor Blade – used to scrap stuck on goo or heavily built up soap scum. Great for use on glass or tile
  • Plastic Scrapper – used to scrap up stuck on grime, usually when mopping with food stuck on floors
  • Large Scrub Brush – used in showers and tubs
  • Small Scrub Brush – used to clean grout lines, around sinks and faucets. Best to get 2 colors (1 for kitchen and 1 for bathroom)
  • Whisk Broom – used in hard to reach areas and to brush animal hair and dust of furniture and lamp shades
  • Plastic Cups – to rinse showers and bathtubs down when client does not have a removable shower head
  • Disposable Gloves
  • 50 foot extension cord – used to plug in vacuum and steam mop so that you can vacuum larger area’s without having to find another outlet
  • 5 & 10 Gallon plastic bags – used to line bathroom garbage cans. Client loves it and makes it easier to empty and keep cans clean
  • 2 step step stool – used to reach high area’s in a home. Usually, liability insurance will not allow higher than a 2 step ladder. Check your insurance if you decide to go with a larger one.
  • All Purpose Cleaner – used on most bathroom and kitchen surfaces
  • Heavy Duty Cleaner – used for tough jobs. Great for build up in showers and bathrooms
  • Glass Cleaner – Any glass cleaner will work. We diluted an essential oil cleaner and worked awesome and smelled great.
  • Bar Keepers Friend – used for porcelain sinks or stainless steel. This was the best way we found to get porcelain sinks to look brand new
  • Wood polish/cleaner – used on wood furniture only when client requested it. This is a light cleaner that can be sprayed directly on your microfiber dusting cloth and does not take much buffing.
  • Stainless steal cleaner – used in the kitchen on stainless steal appliance surfaces
  • Toilet Bowl Cleaner
  • Microfiber cleaning cloths – used to clean all surfaces. Get 4 separate colors each for bathrooms, kitchens, dusting, glass cleaning
  • Terry Cloth towels – used to buff out glass and mirrors.
  • Toilet bowl brush – I highly recommend you use your clients. It is not fun carting around a used toilet brush. If you do though, purchase one with a sealed lid like the one shown in the link.



Maid Service Bookkeeping: A Beginners Guide.

Maid Service Bookkeeping: A Beginners Guide.

I wanted to write this post because I have learned that many Maid Service owners lack the knowledge of bookkeeping for their small businesses. With a background in small business accounting, I felt inclined to educated small Cleaning Business owners on Bookkeeping! Bookkeeping is one of the most crucial tasks you can do for your Cleaning business.

I often hear, I clean by myself with no employees, I do not need to record my transactions. Or I have heard, but my accountant does my taxes for me, I do not need to do my bookkeeping. Isn’t that what the accountant is for? No! You are in business to make money, but if you do not track your financials you will never know how much money your Cleaning Business is making.

Whether you clean by yourself and have no employees or you have several employees cleaning daily for you, having organized books and knowing where your money is going is crucial to your profitability.  And it doesn’t take an accountant to record the transactions.

Haven’t started your Maid Service yet? Read my Complete Guide on Starting and Running a Maid Service.

Do I need to do Bookkeeping for my Maid Service?

YES!!!! Let me ask you a few questions…

  • How much money do you make per cleaning service?
  • What are you spending on cleaning supplies?
  • What is your income after cost of goods sold?
  • How much does it cost to clean 1 house?
  • How much does it cost to get 1 new regularly occurring client?

The answer to these questions help you scale your business so that you are always making a profit. When I ask maid services, How much income does your cleaning business earn? Most answer this question telling me the total they collect cleaning houses. But did you know there is so much more to Income than the Revenue you collect from your clients.

What is Bookkeeping?

What is bookkeeping anyway?  Bookkeeping is the recording of the financial transactions in your business.  When you buy cleaning supplies you record the expense. And when you collect money from a client, you record the revenue. See, NOT SCARY at ALL!

A business owner does not need to know how to prepare Income Tax reports, how to file quarterly taxes, or how to create financial reports. These tasks can be done by your Certified Accountant.

How to get your Maid Service started with Bookkeeping

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Bookkeeping checklist for maid services


Separate Personal Finances from Business Finances

To keep your cleaning business financials organized, it is important to separate your business accounts from your personal accounts.  It becomes VERY difficult to separate out expenses and track income when you are depositing payments into your personal account and buying supplies from your personal accounts.

Open a Business Checking Account

I recommend at the minimum to open a business checking account.  Most banks offer free business checking accounts.  Start with your bank you already use.  Look online or make an appointment to see what they offer for business checking accounts.  If they do not offer a free account look elsewhere.  There are plenty of banks offering free business checking, therefore you should not be paying for a checking account.

Open a Business Credit Card

You can also open a business credit card as well. If you decide to open a business credit card you will want to ensure you are paying it off each month.  Look for credit cards that offer money back.  One credit card I utilized was Amazon Prime card.  Because I ordered some of my supplies from Amazon, I was able to receive 5% back on my purchases.  Other credit cards, similar to Amazon Prime, will also offer money back on gas and other purchases.

Follow these rules when utilizing Credit Cards and avoid unnecessary expenses. You never want to be caught carrying debt and paying high interest expense

  1. Payoff the balance each month, interest can be as high as 20% these can add up quickly.
  2. Look for credit cards that have cash back offers and take advantage of them.
  3. Only use your business account for business related expenses.

Basic bookkeeping tasks for your Maid Service

The essential tools needed for Maid Service Bookkeeping

  1. Excel (or other spreadsheet program like Google Sheets).
  2. Copies of your bank and credit card statements
  3. Copies of your deposit slips
  4. Cleaning Logs
  5. Mileage Logs

Fancy Tools you can get as your Maid Service Grows

  • Quickbooks Online. plans starting at $7.00/month
  • Wave Apps. Plans starting at Free for a basic accounting package, charges for payroll and credit card processing.
  • ZOHO. Plans starting at $9.00/month for basic accounting package


Steps to getting started with Bookkeeping for your Cleaning Business

Record your revenue

You should know how much money you are bringing in each day, week, month, and year.  By knowing what your maid service’s revenue is, you will be able to set realistic goals to help you to grow your company.

Create a Cleaning Log

The first step in tracking your revenue for your maid service is to create a cleaning log. Keeping a detailed cleaning log serves two purposes. For one, you will know how much revenue you or your employees are bringing in each day. Second, it will tell you how long it takes you to clean a home.

Labor costs are your #1 expense as a Maid Service owner. Therefore it is SUPER important to know your cleaning times. And make sure they are not running over budget.

Your Cleaning log should include
  1. Date
  2. Clients name
  3. The start time and end time
  4. How much the cleaning fee was.

Keep a written log in the vehicle with you our your cleaners. Update the cleaning log after you have cleaned each clients homes. This will ensure the accuracy of your data. If you keep a client schedule for the year, then you should already have all of this information in one spot.

Note: It will be important to follow up promptly with your clients who did not pay on cleaning day.  It is costly to perform cleaning services; therefore, don’t get caught carrying balances for your clients. A cleaning business should not wait for payments.

Want to find out how to bring in more Revenue? Read these helpful articles:

All revenue should be tracked by client and by month. You can do this using an Excel spreadsheet or an accounting software. This can be done weekly in batches. Use your cleaning log sheets to help you record your revenue for the week.

Create a Revenue Tracking Form

Record all payments you have received from clients each week. If you are using an Excel Spreadsheet it should include the following:

  • Rows for each day of the month
  • Columns for each client serviced
  • Totals by Client
  • Totals by Month

Revenue tracking sheets tell you how much revenue each client is bringing in. It is also a great goal setting tool! By tracking how many cleanings you are doing a week, you can set goals each month of how many cleanings you have. If you know you cleaned 10 homes a week, set a goal to clean 15 the next. Each month you can watch the number of clients increase and your revenue! It is quite fun 🙂

Having trouble knowing what to charge for house cleaning fee’s read this blog post: What to Charge for House Cleaning Service. The article goes in depth on setting your cleaning fee’s also includes a free pricing worksheet for you to use.

Review Cleaning Times

Because payroll costs will be your #1 expense, you will want to control how long it takes you to clean a home. When you first start your cleaning business, you should have established your pricing matrix. In establishing your pricing matrix, you should have defined your cleaning times.

Using your pricing sheet, compare the expected cleaning times of each home you cleaned to the actual time it took to clean. If you are going over in area’s you need to figure out why. Make sure you are following a consistent cleaning regime and not wasting time.

When you first meet and provided a price to your client, you should have estimated total cleaning time and cost of the cleaning. This is where having a consistent pricing formula and consistent cleaning system is so important. There should not be a large deviation in cleaning times of homes of similar size.

Record your Expenses

Record bank account and/or credit card transactions

If you are using Excel, you can create an Expense worksheet to record your monthly expenses. Your worksheet should include separate your expenses into categories you can track easily.

For example you should track how much you spend on:

Your worksheet should include the Date of the transaction, the description of where you made the purchase (Amazon, Walmart …), what was purchased (cleaning supplies, towels, advertising …). To tie it up, your Spreadsheet should add add up each category and total out for each month and each year.

If you are using an online accounting program, it should have the capability to link with your bank account so that you can quickly download the transactions.  Once transactions are downloaded into the program, you will then label each transaction based on what was purchased.

Example: You purchased your all-purpose cleaner from Amazon, this transaction would be recorded as Cleaning Supplies. 

Equipment like vacuums and steam mops should be recorded as Equipment and is considered Capital.  This equipment can be depreciated over the expected life of the item.  Depreciation is an expense and will decrease your tax liability.  You do not have to worry about recording depreciation, your tax accountant should be doing this when completing your year end tax and financial statements.

Tracking Cost of Goods Sold

If you are using an Excel Spreadsheet, you will want to separate out Cost of Goods Sold from all other business expenses.  Cost of Goods Sold is the direct costs for you to clean a home.  These expenses include cleaning supplies, driving expense from each client’s home, and labor cost (whether you or an employee is cleaning).

Cost of Goods Sold are important because you want to know how much it costs to clean a home.  This will be instrumental in setting your prices.  It will provide you the information you need to know of how much money you will have left over to pay overhead costs and to pay yourself profits.

If your Cost of Goods Sold are too high you have 3 choices:
  1. Charge more for cleaning services
  2. Buy less supplies
  3. Reduce payroll

Reconcile your transactions

At the end of the month your bank and/or credit card company will send you a statement. At this time, you will want to reconcile all of the transactions into your your accounting program.

Reconciling is: Comparing your bank records to your receipts. That’s it! I remember I use to be so scared of the word. But it is so simple to do if you have recorded your transactions through out the month in either an Excel Worksheet or accounting program.

To reconcile, you will take your back statement or credit card statement. Going down the list of transaction, and comparing it to your expense and revenue worksheets, you will check off each transaction. Make note of any transactions that do not match or you did not make. You will want to call your bank to research it.

Track your mileage and transportation

There are 2 ways to record the expense of your vehicle and transportation. You can claim actual expense or you can claim standard mileage.

  1. When claiming actual expense is where you track all expenses related to your vehicle. This includes gas, repairs, maintenance, any lease payments or depreciation.
  2. When claiming standard mileage you track your mileage from when you drive to and from a customers home.

Either method you choose, if you are using your own vehicle, or are reimbursing your cleaners mileage, it is important to keep precise records of mileage used.  Mileage and vehicle expense can be one of your largest tax write off’s for your maid service, therefore you will want to keep records of all of your travel so that you can save on your taxes.

Standard Mileage Deduction

In my maid service I did not invest in company vehicles, instead, my employees used their own vehicle and the business reimbursed them the mileage. We reimbursed the employees using the IRS’s mileage rate.

Currently, the IRS allows 56 cents per mile. When you claim this deduction, it does not mean you get 56 cents back from the IRS. What it does is reduces your tax liability. Subsequently, if are not recording and writing off mileage you will be paying more income tax than you should.

Key rules when recording mileage

The IRS has strict guidelines if you will be claiming mileage. If you are claiming Mileage as an expense your mileage log should include the following:

  • Your beginning and ending mileage for the year.
  • Record travel daily.
  • Include the following on your mileage log the date, where you traveled, the number of miles, and the purpose of the travel.
  • Tools and Parking costs

For more information on mileage expense and what the IRS requires visit:

Record your mileage on paper

If you are recording your mileage on paper, it is best to keep a log in your vehicle. This way you can record each destination you travel to. When you get back to the office you can look up on Google Maps to see how many miles you traveled.

You can then use the paper sheets and record the mileage on a worksheet by month. Then have a cover page which totals the year out for you. When you provide information to your tax accountant you can send them your mileage log for easy recording. This can be time consuming.  (trust me I did this!)

Record your mileage with a Mileage App

This is something I wish I knew about when I had my cleaning business! I use to record all of my mileage on sheets of paper. It was time consuming and wasted paper and printer ink.

Now a days there is a mileage tracking app out there called MileIQ that is GPS enabled and will track mileage for you and provide reports for you to record or provide to your accountant at income tax season.

MileIQ is a free app that you download on your Smart Phone. The app is GPS enabled and records your trips throughout the day. At the end of the day you will be provided a list of your trips where you can swipe right if it was a business trip and left if it was personal.

Recording Mileage for house cleaning business

The program allows for you to print summaries at the end of a month or year. After you print your mileage summary can then give it to your accountant during tax season so that it can be used to process your tax write off. Supper simple!


Bookkeeping for Maid Services


Tips for Success in Bookkeeping for your Maid Service

  • Keep your Personal finances separate from your business finances
  • Track your revenue by each client.
  • Keep track of your expenses, separating out cost of goods sold.
  • Record transaction timely, this way you have the most accurate data.
  • Reconcile your bank statements monthly to look for inaccurate transactions
  • Don’t forget to track your mileage. (It’s a HUGE tax write off at the end of the year)



Common Questions/FAQ About Bookkeeping

Doesn’t my Accountant do my Bookkeeping?

No. Accountants, or CPA (Certified Public Accountant’s) will complete your end of year financial statements and tax reports which get submitted to the IRS. Your accountant uses your recorded transactions to complete these reports and statements. The more organized your books are, the less prep work your accountant will have to do, and the less money it will cost you.

I do not have any employees, do I need to do bookkeeping?

Whether you are a Solopreneur or have 20 employees you need to keep up with your bookkeeping. Bookkeeping helps organize your financials for year end tax reporting. More importantly it allows you to be more informed about how much revenue your cleaning business is bringing in and how much your spending on expenses.

Do I need an accounting degree to do my own bookkeeping?

No, you do not. Bookkeeping is organizing your transactions. Know what your expenses are and know what your revenue is.

Do I need to hire an Accountant to do my bookkeeping?

Not necessary, lots of small business owners complete their own bookkeeping tasks. This helps them keep abreast of how well their company is doing financially . As your business grows, you may want to outsource the clerical tasks of bookkeeping which will give you more time to focus on other tasks to grow your cleaning business.


The Last Thing You Need to Know about Maid Service Bookkeeping

Be consistent and timely in recording your transactions. This will help you to make better business decisions. May you all be more informed and better business owners.

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What is the Best Vacuum for a Cleaning Business

What is the Best Vacuum for a Cleaning Business

What is the best vacuum to buy for your cleaning business? This is a very common question.

There are so many different styles of vacuum cleaners now a days and many more brands to purchase, that this can be a very overwhelming decision. I have seen some sites just listing vacuums with out the experience in cleaning homes.

Anyone who has owned a house cleaning business knows that a vacuum that is sufficient for a homeowner, is not sufficient for a cleaning business.

The difference is that cleaning businesses will use their vacuum up to 600% more times in a week than a homeowner. Also, when your cleaning for profits, you need a vacuum that does not interrupt your cleaning flow.

A cleaning business needs a vacuum that will be able to hold up to very frequent use, be able to clean up to 4 houses a day and not loose its suction power.   
Haven't started a Cleaning Business? Read my post where I guide you through the steps to Start a Cleaning Business.

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When looking for a vacuum cleaner for your cleaning business there are several things to keep in mind:

The Best Vacuum for a Cleaning Business

The best Vacuum for a Cleaning Business

There are 3 classes of Vacuums I recommend for Cleaning Businesses. Those are the Stick Vacuum, Upright vacuum, or a back pack vacuum. Here are the top vacuums for each of the 3 classes.

Stick Vacuum

Shark Apex DuoClean with Zero-M No Hair Wrap (ZS362) Stick Vacuum

Click here to see the Most Current Price on Amazon

Stick vacuums have become very popular in recent years. They are light weight, and can vacuum under most furniture’s. Most stick vacuums are compact and have easy to dump canisters. These make the vacuum appealing for House Cleaning businesses.

Stick vacuums are great for home use, but they are not the best vacuum for cleaning businesses.

  • Light weight
  • Vacuum easily under furniture
  • Easy to empty canister
  • Easy transition from carpet to hard floors
  • Cord Length 25 ft
  • Self Cleaning roll brush. Easy to clean between homes.
  • Small canisters
  • Attachments are not as accessible when vacuuming.
  • Price is a little higher, you are paying for the compactness of the vacuum.

Upright Vacuum

Shark Rotator Professional Upright Corded Bagless Vacuum for Carpet and Hard Floor with lift away Hand Vacuum and Anti-Allergy Seal (NV501).

This vacuum is my favorite and what we used in my cleaning business. I know other owners who used the same vacuum.

It has a great suction rating, and some bells and whistles for a lower price. The lift away functionality makes it easy to transition from vacuuming to using the want to reach in hard to reach corners and crevasses. I even used it to vacuum baseboards fairly quickly with my clients as I was vacuuming.

This vacuum also easily converts from carpet to hard floors. I know some would recommend bringing 2 vacuums to a home, one for carpet and one for hard floors. But this vacuum can very effectively clean both.

  • Great suction
  • Easy to use attachments with lift away function, hose reaches up to 8 feet.
  • Cleans hard floors well
  • Great filtration system, with HEPA filter
  • Cord length is 25 feet.
  • This vacuum is not as light or compact as a stick vacuum. It can be a little cumbersome to carry with your other cleaning supplies. But there is a handle on the top of the canister where
  • Carpet vacuum does not reach under most furniture pieces

Back-Pack Vacuum


ProTeam Backpack Vacuums, Super CoachVac Commercial Backpack Vacuum Cleaner with HEPA Media Filtration and Telescoping Wand Tool Kit, 10 Quart, Corded

Click Here for the Most up to Date Price on Amazon

This would be the best of the backpack vacuums. If you are cleaning larger homes, and larger offices this will be your best pick as it has a large canister and powerful motor to run for longer periods of time.

I have never used this vacuum, but I have known other cleaning companies swear by them. What I did not like about the backpack vacuums was the awkwardness of having it on my back. I was afraid I could run into furniture or walls if I had to back up or maneuver around tight spaces.

The cost was another reason for this vacuum to not be my #1 choice for residential cleaning To purchase a quality backpack vacuum you would be spending close to $400. But the backpack vacuums do allow for hands free movements and less carrying around an upright vacuum.

  • Easy to maneuver around and under furniture
  • Check to see if it will transition from carpet to Hard floor.
  • Large capacity canister
  • Filtration system is excellent. Four Level Advanced Filtration and HEPA media filter.
  • Awkward to carry on your back, will take some getting use to.
  • Canister used bags, not easy to change between homes.
  • Price is higher, running at about $400.00
Looking for more advice on Cleaning Equipment and Supplies??? Visit My Recommendations page for a list of cleaning supplies and equipment for Residential Cleaning Businesses

What to look for in a vacuum for a Cleaning Business

What to look for when purchasing a vacuum for your Cleaning Business.

When cleaning homes for business you will be cleaning multiple homes in a day. So, you will want something that will last, maintain suction and is easy to maneuver.

1. Suction power

Look for a vacuum with a higher Suction power. Read the reviews as well to get a clue as to how long the vacuum maintains the suction power. You will want to stay away from cordless vacuums.

They generally have lower suction power. In addition you will be traveling from house to house and not have the ability to charge it in between cleaning services.

2. Ability to change from carpet to hard floors seamlessly.

When your cleaning, you do not want to have to spend much time transitioning from carpet to hard floors. Your goal is to vacuum the entire house at 1 time.

If you are using more than one vacuum or have to take several steps to transition vacuums it will take up extra time. Your goal is to clean as quickly as possible, while maintaining high quality. So you do not want to take up extra time transitioning from vacuuming hard floors and carpet.

3. Easy to dump canister

I recommend a vacuum with a bag-less canister. It is important to dump your vacuum canister after each cleaning service. This is where a bag-less canisters are easier and more ideal for a cleaning service.

This keeps the vacuum cleaner between each home you clean. Therefore, you will want a canister that is easy to empty and not complex to where you have to take apart the vacuum.

When packing your vehicle between each clean you should empty the canister before putting the vacuum into the vehicle. I would keep a garbage bag in my vehicle and would throw it away each night.

4. Easy to clean filters

Similar to emptying the canister in the vacuum you will want to clean filters nightly. As part of our nightly routine we would wash all filters and let air dry overnight. Having multiple filters is helpful as well, so that you can have 1 filter washing and using another because more than likely your filter will not be 100% dry by the next morning.

Keeping your vacuum filters clean help to keep your vacuum clean and limit contamination from one house to another. You don’t want to bring an odor from one client to another.

So, when looking for the best vacuum for your house cleaning business, you will want to choose a vacuum that has an easy to remove and clean filter. You will also want to purchase at least 2 – 3 back up filters for use while others are being washed.

5. Attachments to vacuum furniture and high and low.

When choosing a vacuum look for one that has easy to access attachments that allow you to vacuum high and low. You will need to be able to vacuum valences or corners of walls and ceilings. You will also want to be able to vacuum baseboards when needed.

Having easy to access attachments will allow you to do this more quickly. You will not want to fumble around with attachments to connect, this will disrupt your cleaning process flow.

6. Longer Power cord length.

You will want a longer power cord so that you do not have to unplug and look for outlets several times throughout your cleaning service. In addition to the vacuum cord, we used 50 ft extension cords. This way we only had to plug in 1 – 3 times during a clean.  These little steps add up to lots of time saved.

Additional Resources for Your Cleaning Business:



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Best Steam Cleaner for Cleaning Business

Best Steam Cleaner for Cleaning Business

If you are reading this article, then you may have decided it was time to start using a Steam Cleaner for your House Cleaning Business. Your next step is to figure out which Steam mop is best for your house cleaning business. The are several different steam cleaners to choose from. All with varying prices and capabilities which make it difficult to know which steamer is right for your business.


How Steam Cleaning Works

Steam Cleaning works by breaking down the dirt and grime and then the dirt is wiped up with the pad on the Steam mop. The high temperature of the steam is what makes this happen.

When you purchase a high-quality steam cleaner, your cleaning business will be cleaning floors quicker and better. It is amazing how dirt and grim melt under high powered temperatures of steam mops, taking less effort on your part in mopping your client’s homes.


Please note, this article may include affiliate links. You can read the full disclosure at the bottom of the page.



The benefits of steam cleaning for cleaning businesses.

  • You’ll never have to rinse cleaner off of the floors
  • No cleaning a mop heads any more
  • Never have to buy floor cleaner
  • No need to rinse floors or wait for a cleaner to ‘work since you will not be using any
  • Dries quickly, and if you get the right steamer, will dry streak free
  • No more sticky floors after mopping (cleaners can leave residue which creates that sticky film on the floor)
  • Steam cleaning kills allergens such as dust mites, which make them a great alternative to chemical mopping


When not to use steam cleaning

Steam cleaning is awesome with its disinfecting power and the need to not use chemicals. But there are a few flooring types I do not recommend you use your steam cleaner on. Those include….

Hardwood Floors

Now most steam cleaners you purchase will say that it is safe on hardwood floors. And it may be, for some that are properly sealed. But you will be cleaning for lots of different homes and you will not always know if steam cleaning will be safe with the flooring or the finish. So as tempting as it may be, do not mop hardwood floors with a steam cleaner. Make sure you are using a safe and effective cleaner instead.

Laminate flooring

Similar to hardwood, laminate flooring can be sensitive to high steam causing boards to warp or damage the finish. It is safe to stay away from steam cleaning this type of floor and instead use a safe effective cleaner for laminate flooring.

Cork flooring

Believe it or not, cork flooring is a thing. We cleaned for a beautiful home that had several types of flooring and cork was one. We learned the hard way that even on the lowest setting steam cleaning ended up lifting the flooring tiles. Stay clear of steam mopping for these types of floors. 


Features to look for when buying a Steam Cleaner for your Cleaning Business


Continuous Refill

Continuous refill allows you to add water to the Steam Cleaner while you are mopping. If the unit does not have continuous refill, then you will need to wait for the Steamer to cool down prior to adding more water to continue mopping. This is important if you are mopping for larger homes. Without a continuous refill canister, you will either waste time waiting for the equipment to cool, or you will have to mop in small batches. Which this is not an efficient way to clean.

Your upright steam cleaners will not have continuous fill capabilities. You will find this feature in high end, commercial steam cleaners. I have not included them in this review as they are priced well over $1000 and do not make economic sense when running a house cleaning business.

Heat up time

A faster heat up time will help you to clean a home faster. Your upright steam cleaners will have faster heat up times than the canister steamers. This is because they have smaller water canisters and do not reach as high of temperatures as the canister steam cleaners do.

When choosing a steam cleaner look for a shorter heat up time compared to similar models so that when you are cleaning a home, you will not have to wait for the mop to heat up. There are ways to get around this. If you decide to go with a canister steam cleaner you will be able to set up your steam cleaner just before you start vacuuming. This will give plenty of time for the machine to heat up so that you can start mopping as soon as you done vacuuming.

Steam Pressure

Steam pressure is the rate at which steam is projected from the steam cleaner. The higher the pressure the faster the steam is produced. This can improve the clean and how quickly dirt and grim is removed from the floor. The more steam that is being produced the faster the steam cleaner will pick of dirt and debris. The higher the steam pressure, the faster you will be able to mop floors in a home. Because time is money, I highly recommend investing in a steam cleaner with a higher steam pressure. As this will save you money in the long run because you will not be spending as much time mopping floors.

Steam Control

Choose a steam cleaner that allows you to control the amount of steam that comes out of the steam cleaner. You will be cleaning all sorts of homes with more than likely an aware of flooring types. Some flooring may be sensitive to high levels of steam such as linoleum and a lower steam level will be best for cleaning them. Tile floor on the other hand can be cleaned with a higher amount of steam.

Steam. If you are wanting to disinfect, you will need a steam cleaner that reaches at a minimum 175 degrees Fahrenheit.


Best steam cleaner for house cleaning business


Steam Cleaner Options


The Upright Steam Cleaner for your Cleaning Business

Upright Steam Mops are very popular for homeowners. They are generally lightweight and easy to use with out a lot of complicated set up. These steam cleaners may not be the best match for your business if you clean largest homes with hard flooring through out. But if the majority of the homes you clean do not have large area’s of hard flooring, these will be your best bet.

The Pro’s of using an Upright Steam Cleaner for your House Cleaning Business
  • Less expensive
  • Easy to carry in your car and easy to carry into homes with your other cleaning supplies
  • Great for smaller spaces. Because upright steamers are smaller and lighter, they are great for homes that have carpet in most of the living spaces, but hard floors in the kitchen, foyer, and bathrooms.
  • Upright steamers tend to heat up in less time, less than 1 minute.
The Con’s of using an Upright Steam Cleaner for your House Cleaning Business
  • Upright steamers do not get as hot as most canister steamers meaning they will not be able to clean as efficient or effective as a canister steam cleaner.
  • Don’t always use dry heat. What this means is the upright steamer can leave floors wet after mopping especially if a higher steam level is used.
  • Mop heads are smaller and are not as efficient at cleaning larger areas as fast
  • Water reservoir is usually smaller, causing you have to refill water


The Canister Steam Cleaner for your Cleaning Business

The canister steam cleaners will be your best choice for cleaning larger homes with hard flooring. These steam cleaners reach super high temperatures and have higher powered steam production making them the best. Purchasing a canister steam cleaner will take your cleaning service up a notch by providing the best floor mopping in your area.

The Pro’s of using Canister Steam Cleaners for your House Cleaning Business
  • The most powerful clean
  • Uses very little water, leaving surfaces dry.
  • High temps sanitize surfaces
  • High temps pick up dirt and grim much faster than other types of steamers
  • These steam cleaners tend to have the highest heat temperature and highest steam pressure making them power houses in steam cleaning. When I made the switch to a canister steam cleaner my cleaning times were improved. But what really sold me, was my customers noticed the difference! That was a huge win. We had clients who said they would never switch companies because their floors had never been cleaner. I used this in my marketing and made sure to get reviews from those clients so that I could use that in my sales pitch.
The Con’s of using Canister Steam Cleaners for your House Cleaning Business
  • High price points.
  • Can be cumbersome to carry into homes. (The steam cleaner I first purchased for my house cleaning business was very heavy and difficult to carry into a home. We cleaned a condo that was on the 14th We had to park away from the building and carry the steam cleaner from the vehicle. My arms were sore after this each time.)
  • Can be cumbersome to clean with. You will want to be mindful of where the machine is moving along with you as you clean. Be careful not to pull be the cleaning hose. I had a cleaning team do this and damage the hose. It cost $50 to replace the hose and I was not happy.

My Recommendations for buying a Steam Cleaner for your Cleaning Business:


BISSELL Power Fresh Steam Mop – Less than $100 option


Best upright steam cleaner for cleaning business


The Bissell Power Fresh Steam Mop is a great Upright Steam mop option for your house cleaning business. It has a low price point yet still provides a quality clean for smaller homes and hard floor areas. If you have a lower budget, this is a great option to start steam cleaning floors in your house cleaning services.

What I like about the Steam Mop:
  • It’s Price. You can get the steamer for under $100 making it easier to purchase for house cleaning businesses with lower budgets or who are first starting out.
  • There are 3 Steam setting. Low for delicate floors, medium for regular cleaning levels, and high for dirtier surfaces. In some of the review’s customers made comment that the higher steam setting left floors damp. This would be caused by the higher pressure; higher pressure means more steam is produced.
  • Heat up time. The steamer heats up in 30 seconds, making it a good tool for speed cleaning.
Some of the downfalls in the reviews
  • The knob on the water tank tends to split after some time. But you are able to purchase new knobs.
  • Make sure to use distilled water. Tap water contains minerals deposits that will clog up the steam holes and make the steam cleaner useless.
  • Users complained that the mop pads do not come completely white after washing.
What you may want to consider:

You will not be able to purchase mop pads from other retailers, such as microfiber wholesale. You will have to purchase the pads specifically made for the mop. This can be pricy as you will want to have at least 3 clean pads for each home you clean each day. You can purchase an 8 pack for about $25 on Amazon.


Dupray Neat – About $150

Most affordable canister steam cleaner for cleaning business

The Dupray Neat is the best affordable canister steam cleaner option for house cleaning services. It is a powerful multipurpose heavy duty steam cleaner. It does not have the highest power that other canisters carry, but it does trick when cleaning homes.

Dupray Neat features:
  • Heats up to 275 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Cleans up to 50 minutes of steam cleaning
  • Heat up time is 7 minutes
  • Weighs 9 pounds
  • Steam pressure, up to 50 psi.
  • Your able to use tap water and do not have to use distilled water.
  • Comes with 18-piece kit that includes a Floor Tool, Window tool, small triangle tool for smaller surfaces, attachment for small brushed used for detail cleaning such as grout.
What I like about the Steam Mop:
  • Heats up in 7 minutes, which is better than most canister steam cleaners. Though this could be due to its lower temperature point.
  • Small, light weight and compact. Coming in at just 9 pounds. This steam cleaner will be easier to carry from your vehicle and into your client’s homes.
  • High continuous temperatures with 50 minutes of cleaning time. This should be plenty of time for you to mop the floors at your client’s home. My recommendation is to leave the mopping for last (with the exception of the bathrooms) when cleaning your client’s homes. It is more efficient this way. You will only have to heat up your steam cleaner 1 time and the 50 minutes of clean time should be sufficient in completing this task.
Some of the downfalls of the cleaner
  • When reading through the reviews many customers commented on water being left behind on the floors. This could be due to the lower temperature point of the machine. I would not use on wood flooring because of the extra moisture left behind.
  • The mop head has limited flexibility. This makes it a little more challenging to get around and under furniture. The mop head does not get completely flat because of this.
  • The cord storage is underneath the unit and not great. It makes it more difficult to wrap the cord up after usage and can be difficult in transporting from your vehicle to the home.
  • Not a continuous fill canister


Take away notes:

Overall, this steam cleaner is more powerful than an upright steam cleaner but does not have all of the powerful functionality that can come with other canister steam cleaners. If your budget is less than $200 this is a great steam cleaner. It will mop floors more efficiently than an upright steam cleaner picking up dirt and grim.


Dupray One – About $550.00

Best overall steam cleaner for cleaning business

The Dupray One steam cleaner is the step up of the Dupray Neat. It boasts higher temperatures and a more powerful clean. The grim and dirt on floors literally melt away with quicker mopping and without having to hoover too long over any one area. If you clean homes with lots of tile, stone or linoleum flooring this steam cleaner is going to really up your game in cleaning. You will be able to mop floors faster and better than other house cleaning companies in your area.

It’s features:
  • Low moisture steam which reaches up to 303 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Up to 50 minutes of cleaning
  • Adjustable steam control
  • Heats up in 8 minutes
  • Steam pressure 50.8 PSI
  • Weight – 10.5 pounds
  • Your able to use tap water and do not have to use distilled water.
  • Comes with Floor Tool, Window tool, small triangle tool for smaller surfaces, attachment for small brushed used for detail cleaning such as grout.


What I like about the Steam Mop:
  • Higher temperatures. The higher temperatures in this steam cleaner make for a faster, yet better clean.
  • Adjustable steam power. This allows you to lower the steam setting for more delicate surfaces.
  • It is still relatively light weight for carrying around.
  • The heat up time, is quicker than other brands.


Some of the downfalls of the cleaner

The price is higher. If you do not have the budget, I recommend getting a less expensive steam cleaner. But then save up for this one.


Maid service guide to buying a steam cleaner for house cleaning


Other Considerations when purchasing a Steam Cleaner for your House Cleaning Business.


What will you be cleaning with your Steam Cleaner?

Are you planning on just using the steam cleaner to mop floors in your regular cleaning services? If so you do not need to purchase a steam cleaner for your house cleaning business with tones of tools and attachments. There is no need to spend extra money on the tools and attachments if you will not be using them while cleaning houses.

Are you planning on using the steam cleaner to clean grout?

If you are planning on offering grout cleaning with your house cleaning business, you will want to purchase a steam cleaner that includes a grout cleaner attachment. You will also want to purchase a steam cleaner with higher steam pressure. This will push the most steam into the grout to allow for a deeper and more effective clean. Keep in mind you will probably pay a higher price for your steam cleaner.

Are you planning on cleaning surfaces around the home such as bathroom and kitchen surfaces?

If you are planning on cleaning surfaces around the home such as bathroom and kitchen surfaces you will need to look for a steam cleaner that has the attachments that allow you to do this. Not all steam cleaners come with these attachments.


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    Do you want to start a cleaning business, but have no money? You long to b your own boss, your great at cleaning and people trust you, so how do you start a cleaning business when your broke?

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    Free Marketing for Your Cleaning Business when your broke

    Just because your broke, does not mean you can’t create an online presence for your new Cleaning Business. You will have to market your cleaning business if you want to get clients. But how do you do that when you have no money?

    Create a Facebook Business Account for Free

    There are about 2.7 million Facebook users. This makes Facebook a great platform to market your business, and its FREE!

    Now I am not saying that you should not have a website once you start making money. The Facebook Business Page is not a replacement for a well developed website. But it is perfect for when you start a cleaning business when your broke and you have no money to spend on webhosting.

    The FaceBook Business page has all the necessary information needed for an online site. There is a tab where you can list services, reviews, photos of your work and more.



    Customers are able to interact with you on your Facebook page. When you clean a house, always ask for a review and point them to your Facebook page. This will help to build your reviews and build trust with potential customers.

    Make sure to post often on your Facebook page and be authentic. When marketing to services it is important to build trust and let your customers get to know you. Building trust will build long lasting relationships and your customers will keep coming back for more for years to come.

    You can create your FACEBOOK Business page here.


    Sign up for Google My Business

    Google My Business is a free tool for you to use to manage your listing in Google Searches and Google Maps. It is a great way for local service companies to get their name listed in Google Searches.

    When a homeowner searches for Cleaning Companies in your area, your business name and listing will show in the first page results!

    I searched for Cleaning Businesses in Boulder Colorado, and this is what shows at the top. A map with listings of Cleaning Companies. When you sign up for Google My Business your Cleaning company Name will be listed here.


    When some clicks on your business name your business and contact information will show. Here is an example of one I clicked on.



    This is great Free advertising when you start a cleaning business when you are broke. A website is not needed to create a Google My Business profile. Customers are able to leave reviews here. They can also ask questions and interact with you as well.

    I have a blog post that takes you through a step by step guide on how to create a Google Business Profile


    Free Online Booking & Scheduling Software

    Start Scheduling clients with a free online scheduling software. Keep all of your clients data in one system, send email reminders to clients before scheduled cleanings and keep a calendar of all of your scheduled cleaning services.

    PickTime Scheduling Software is a free online scheduling platform. It allows you to schedule your clients. You can store your clients data, track your earnings based on your appointments. PickTime even has the ability to send email reminders to your clients prior to their appointment.

    This online software is a big win in helping your company look professional even when your broke. There is no charge for this software. The company is new, and for the time being you can get their plan for free.



    Free Email Marketing

    Mail Chimp

    Looking for a way to send all of your email clients newsletters each month? And have professional looking templates? Mail Chimp can help you do that. Their free plan is a basic plan that offers up to 2,000 subscribers and the following:


    This is perfect for when you are first starting out. As you start networking and gathering emails of interested prospects you can add them to your email list.

    A great way to build your email list is to participate in a local even where you provide a giveaway for your cleaning services. When participants sign up for the drawing, you collect their name and email.

    Send out monthly newsletters letting your email list know what your business is doing that month. Provide any updates on services or promotions. The idea is to keep your email list engaged so that when they are in need of a cleaning service they think of you!




    Buying Supplies when you start a cleaning business and your broke

    Cleaning Supplies for Free

    A Cleaning Business can’t cleaning houses with out cleaning supplies and equipment. You will need to get purchase some supplies and equipment before you clean your first house.

    So how do you purchase cleaning supplies when you are starting a cleaning business when your broke? You sign up for Swagbucks and earn the money.

    Sign up for Swagbucks and earn gift cards to purchase your cleaning supplies. Swagbucks is an online reward site where you earn points for online searches, taking surveys, playing games shopping and more. It is FREE to sign up and you can cash in your points for gift cards.

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    Starting a cleaning business IS possible when you are Broke!

    Be sure to use these resources listed in this blog post to help you grow and run your cleaning business without having to shell out cash up front.

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