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A Maid Services Guide to Cleaning Professionally EBook.

This is my guide I used to develop a cleaning services that kept my clients wanting more. Over 70 pages on my cleaning process plus bonuses.


What’s included:

Cleaning Etiquette, learn what you can and can’t do inside a clients home.

Step by Step Guide on How to Clean Each Room

Easy Numbering System to follow along with

Includes Diagrams on how to move through each room

Equipment and Supply Checklist Printable

Cleaning Checklist Printable

How to guide cleaning with One-Person Team’s, Two-Person Team’s and Three-Person Team’s

Sample Emails to send to Clients to decrease Lock-Out’s, increase Referral’s

Marketing Power Pack for Maid Services.

35 idea's to get more house cleaning jobs

35 Marketing Idea’s specific to House Cleaning Companies.

What’s included:

Printable 35 boxes of marketing idea’s to check off as you complete them

Free and Low Cost marketing activities

Descriptions with links on how to complete the marketing tasks

Interactive spreadsheet for you to track each of your incoming leads

Graph that populates as you build your list of leads so you can focus on what brings in the most clients


Bookkeeping Worksheets for Maid Services

All the forms needed to keep track of your expenses and client payments each month. Interactive worksheets so you only have to enter information one time. Built in formulas to add up all of your transactions.


 What is Included in the Bookkeeping Bundle:

12 Tabs of Monthly Expense tracking sheets

Annual Expense Tracking form, which is populated automatically from each monthly expense tracking tab

12 tabs of Monthly Revenue tracking sheets

Annual Revenue Tracking form, which is populated automatically from each monthly revenue tracking tab

Annual Income Statement, you fill in the revenue from each month at the top. All expenses for the year automatically populate into the Annual Income Statement

Weekly customer Payment Log. Keep this in your car or at your desk to record each customer payment.

Weekly Deposit Log. Keep track of your bank deposits and record which customer payment is included.

Fill-in-the-blank Client Forms

New Client Welcome Kit template for cleaning services

With the New Client Welcome Form Kit you get essential Forms with your purchase. Each form is fillable and ready to go. Just update the area’s highlighted in Yellow with your information and you are ready to print or use on your webpage.


Forms Included in the Kit

  1. New Client Welcome Letter
  2. Customer Information Sheet
  3. Customer Policies
  4. Cleaning Checklist
  5. Customer Referral Program


Client Email Templates

Cleaning Service Email templates

Email Templates included in the Client Email bundle

  1. Appointment Reminder Email (a great way to avoid no shows)
  2. Follow up after the cleaning Service, for recurring clients (a great way to build your customer reviews!)
  3. Follow up after the cleaning service, for 1 time clients
  4. Follow up after 6 weeks of no scheduled service (this one here helps to bring clients back!)
  5. Holiday Email Campaign
  6. Follow up after a Coupon/Gift Card redemption
  7.  Announce your Business to Friends and Family (a great way to get referrals for new clients!)


Maid Services Resource Bundle

Maid Services Resource Bundle

Limited Offer. Purchase all my Products in a Discounted Bundle. Cost to Purchase all Separately: $54.99.

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  1. EBOOK: A Maid Services Guide to Cleaning Professionally
  2. New Client Welcome Kit. (Ready to use Client Forms)
  3. Client Email Packet. (Ready to use Client Email Templates)
  4. Marketing Power Pack (35 Actionable Marketing idea’s + Marketing Worksheet to track your client leads)
  5. Bookkeeping Worksheets for Maid Services