Hi there! I’m Roberta from Well Kept Clutter.  I’m a mom, wife, MBA Graduate, part time business instructor and lover of all things Business, and this is my blog.


My name is Roberta. For as long as I can remember I loved cleaning houses. I loved the transformation from start to finish. As a mom, I love the feel of a clean home. I feel more energized and relaxed when my space is clean. I notice dirty baseboards, dust on ledges and air vents, smudges on cabinets, streaks on windows. My family calls it type A personality, I just call it clean.

When I was in grade school my mom started cleaning houses, first as a side job, then full time. She was able to control how much she worked and when. When I was in high school and afterwards, I would help her out here and there. I loved it :). I loved how I could help another mom/family out with leaving a home that was clean and spotless and I could get paid to do it! It was a great way to generate income when my schedule did not fit into a 9 to 5 job.

I went into the work force as an Internal Auditor, where I would look for inconsistencies and inefficiencies on paper and business processes. I decided to go back to school and get my MBA. What started as a school project, turned into a house cleaning business. I had to develop a profitable business plan, and while doing that, I decided to actually apply what I was learning. I spent thousands of dollars, countless hours, weekends and time researching and experimenting on what actually works to start and begin to grow a Cleaning Biz.  I wanted have a way to stay home while in graduate school instead of clocking in from 9 – 5. I started and grew the business to $50,000 within the first year. I had little start up money for this venture (I was in grad school, I was pretty much broke!) was raising young kids and attending to my studies.

I fell in love with cleaning and fell in love with all things business. I started coaching friends and anyone who would listen on starting their own Cleaning Business too. Fast forward to now, I have my MBA, I sold off the business to focus on consulting (because I loved it so much!) and I am a part-time professor at our local college where I teach Business.

If I learned one thing during my House Cleaning Adventure, it is you must build a network of friends and business partners who can help support you and cheer you on when you need it!  Running a small business is very rewarding, but can seem impossible with out a network.  That is why I am here! I know how hard it is to start, grow and establish yourself as a trustworthy and reputable cleaning business.  I have been through it wasting money and time trying to figure it all out.

On my Blog I share what I learned in the industry, with tips and tricks to help you grow your Cleaning Biz! The Cleaning Industry is one of the easiest markets to break into.  It doesn’t cost a lot to start up and anyone can do it!  No College degree required and no special licenses needed (with the exception of local business licenses where required)!

I hope you find the information here helpful. I look forward to hearing from you and interacting with you throughout the blog.  If you ever have any questions, feel free to contact me any time and I will respond as quickly as I can.

See you soon!