ALL cleaning businesses should get their business listed on Google.  Why you ask???

Why every cleaning business should have their business listed on Google.

  1. It is free! WHAT!!!!  Yes, 100% free advertising for your cleaning business. Businesses use to have to pay to be listed in the yellow pages, now you can list for FREE on Google!
  2. It is LOCAL advertising, meaning your business will popup only to those looking for service in the area’s you serve.
  3. It makes your business look PROFESSIONAL. Every business has to be verified as legit before Google will place them on the map.
  4. Google is one of the largest search engines on the web.  Most consumers now a days search for local services on the internet.  No one has a yellow phone book laying around anymore.
  5. It puts your business on the web.  If you don’t have a website yet, potential customers can still find you online. If you DO have a website, it is just one more place you can link your site to which helps improve our SEO ranking!

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Keep scrolling to see how easy it is to list your Cleaning Business on Google.

List your local business on Google

It is super easy and quick and takes just a few minutes.

1. Open up your Internet Browser and go to

You can also click here —-> My Business

2. Type in My Business

Google My Business will come up.

How to get your business listed on Google.

Click on the Green Button in the top right hand corner that says START NOW

3. What Is The Name Of Your Business

List your business on Google

This page is where you enter in your business name.  This is the name that will be listed on Google and what potential customers will see.

Click the BLUE box labeled NEXT

4. Where Are You Located

This is where you list where your place of Business is located.  This is your legal address.  Even if you are operating out of your personal residence put the address there.  This is the address Google verifies to ensure you are a real company.

You can opt to hide the address if you do not have a Commercial Store front for customers to visit.  If you are operating out of your home, I recommend checking the HIDE MY ADDRESS (IT’S NOT A STORE) option.  This will keep your personal information private.

Click the BLUE box labeled NEXT

5. List your Delivery Area

List your business on Google

Because you clicked the HIDE MY ADDRESS IT’S NOT A STORE option, this next step appears.  Here you will list where you deliver your services.  This will be where you want to service clients. You can opt to list a region, city or post code OR you can opt to set a mileage range you wish to service from your business address you listed in Step 4.

  • Click on the 1st option Deliver in person within region, city or postcode to list metropolitan area’s or local cities or even zip codes you service.
  • Click on the 2nd option Deliver in person within distance from business to enter in a specific number of miles away from your place of business you service.

To continue, click the BLUE box labeled NEXT

6. What Kind of Business Do You Run

Get your business listed on Google

This page is where you enter your service offering.  You can add Cleaning Service, Residential Cleaning, Commercial Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning whatever it is you service to your customers.  This is what will cause your business name to pop up when someone in your service area searches for a Cleaning Business.

Carry on by clicking the BLUE box labeled NEXT

7. Connect With Customers (Optional)

List your business on Google

This page is where you will put your business contact information.  Even though this step is optional, I HIGHLY recommend that you put in a phone number where potential clients can reach you and your website where potential clients can visit to learn more about you.

This step is so important, because potential clients will need to know how to get a hold of you.  Make sure too, that the phone number you are listing is one that will get answered.  People like to get information right away.  If they are calling around for pricing and ready to schedule, they will want to talk with someone right away, not someone who returns their calls the next day.

Move forward by clicking the BLUE box labeled NEXT

8. Choose A Way To Verify

Get your business listed on Google

This screen is where you opt how you want Google to verify your business. Google wants to make sure you are a real business, and not just spam.  To expedite your listing, click on the BLUE box labeled MAIL. Important! Make sure the address listed below your business name is correct.  This way you can insure you will receive your post card.

You should receive shortly. Make sure to be on the look out for it.  It will come as a lightweight white post card, and can be mistaken as junk mail.  You will have 30 days to verify the business using the code on the post card.  Once you enter the code, your business will be listed right away.

Now anyone searching for a cleaning service in the area’s you designated as your service area will see your name and phone number.  This the NUMBER 1 way to advertise your business for FREE!

Read my article on Cause Marketing for another great way to advertise your Cleaning Business.

In a Nutshell you should get your business listed on Google ASAP!  There is nothing more exciting than seeing your business name pop up on Googles map next to a RED pin!!!

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