So what is Cause Marketing?

Cause marketing is when a for-profit business and a non-profit business team together to bring awareness or raise funds for a common cause.  Philanthropy helps your business generate more business and now a days consumers expect it from businesses, it is becoming the norm.

What is cleaning for a reason and why should it be part of your business strategy?

Cleaning for a reason is an outreach program where women undergoing cancer treatment can apply to receive free, no obligation, cleaning services.  A patient can apply for cleaning service by having their doctor sign a form confirming treatment.  Anyone can sign them up through the cleaning for a reason website.

Complimentary Maid Service for women undergoing cancer treatment. Learn how to implement into your cleaning service.

Once enrolled, patients are matched up with a cleaning service who service in their area.  They receive 4 free consecutive monthly cleanings during treatment.  This takes the burden of house work off of the patient and allows them to focus on healing, resting and spending time with loved ones.

Many of these patients lack the physical ability to clean their own homes.  The body is put through a lot during treatment and chemo making it nearly impossible to keep up on house work.

Currently 1,200 maid services participate in the program and have served 23,000 women totaling $6,000,000.00 in house cleanings.  The number keeps rising as more awareness is being made.  Anybody who is a somebody in the residential maid service industry is participating.

So what is a maid services commitment?

A maid service who agrees to participate in the program agrees to service 2 patients at the same time.  The maid service sets the cleaning parameters that they are willing to clean.

You can donate 3-4 man hours a cleaning. Which will be plenty of time for up to a 3500sq ft home. If you have 2 patients to service, that is only 6 – 8 man hours in a month. 

Maid Services Can Join Here!

What are the benefits to your maid service?

1. You can’t beat the PR.

This is a wonderful service to provide for women undergoing treatment.  Everyone is so appreciative for the help.  Word will spread through out your community about your businesses commitment to the cause.  When I was running my cleaning business, we would have friends and family members of those we serviced through Cleaning for a Reason who were looking for cleaning services.

Cleaning for a Reason provides marketing resources for their maid services. They provide a ready to use logo for you to apply to all of your marketing material.

Need content for your social media? They provide loads of Facebook post ideas and tweats that you can reuse on your platforms for your following!

2. Boost employee moral!

Send them on these cleanings. Employees love to making a difference and participating in community service. There is no better feeling than knowing you made a difference in some ones life!

My employees absolutely loved servicing these clients. It made them feel more pride in their work and our company, building employee loyalty.

3. Cause Marketing

Tell all of your customers and potential customers about your involvement. Include the logo in all of your marketing material.  It will help to build a positive image in your community.

Every October complete a campaign educating the public and local news media about the program. There is a good chance you could get a featured article or news blurb about it during the month of October! Cleaning for a Reason even provides Media News Releases for you to send into local news media!

How your cleaning business can provide cleaning services for women with cancer AND grow your business!You just get the feel goods!

Every client/patient I cleaned for through this program was so grateful of the service. We meet so many strong women. Heard so many encouraging stories.

It is so enlightening to be apart and support a person in their hardest fight of their life. Just knowing you contributed support against their battle is aw-inspiring.

You could never put a price tag on the benefits.

Now is the Time to Join!

It is supper simple to sign up. Go to, and click on their Click on the Maid Service tab.

There are minimal requirements to being a maid service partner. You will need to be insured and/or bonded and perform background checks on non-family employees. (Which you should be doing anyway!!!)

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