As a Maid Service provider, your time and your cleaners time is money in your pocket.  To run a successful Cleaning Business you must have an efficient and consistent cleaning system in which you and your cleaners use ever time they clean a home.  This system should provide the highest quality in the least amount of time.  In the cleaning industry we call it SPEED CLEANING!!!

The most important thing with cleaning efficiently is to have a plan, move sequentially with your steps. Don’t waste extra time and steps going back over surfaces or grabbing supplies from another room.  Cleaning should flow from one surface to the next and one room to the next.

When I owned my cleaning business, we used this process every time with no deviation.  We were able to clean a 3000 square foot home, with 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms in 2 hours and 45 minutes. With 2 cleaners 1 hour 25 minutes!

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Speed Cleaning will maximize your steps (you should never clean the same surface twice) and maximize your cleaner products cleaning power (let your cleaning product work for you!).

5 Rules to Speed Cleaning

  • Have your cleaner and tools in reaching distance. Wear an apron AND carry a bucket.  Don’t waste time looking for a cleaner or wasting steps to get a tool. By wearing an apron and having a cleaning bucket you will always have the right tool in hand.
  • Avoid having to clean an area more than once. Always clean from top to bottom.  Gravity is real, dust and debris will fall onto area’s already cleaned.
  • Limit the amount of steps you take. To maximize your steps, clean left to right. You will make a complete circle around the room never wasting a step.
  • Use the right tools for the right job. Use tougher tools for tougher jobs. For example, use razor blades to scrap off stuck on grime. Related Source: Must Have Tools for Speed Cleaning.
  • Let your cleaner work for you.  Let your cleaner work.  Most cleaners need to sit on surfaces to penetrate grime.  Let them and you will scrub less.

The more you adapt to the cleaning process the faster you and your cleaners will become!  Make speed cleaning a game.  Each time you and your cleaners clean, try to achieve more efficient bench marks.  Quality should never be compromised, but reward your cleaners for meeting goals!

The Cleaning System –

Master Bathroom.

  • Remove rugs, shake debris off and set to the side.  Vacuum the floor. It is easier to vacuum 1st before the floor gets wet.  After that it is nearly impossible.
  • Clean the vanity, wiping with your dominant and lifting contents with your other hand. Try to avoid removing every thing and having to place it back.  It wastes extra time and steps.
  • Sanitize and clean the toilet.
  • Scrub the tub and the shower.  Make sure your cleaner has time to soak on the surfaces.  Soap scum will clean off easier with minimal scrubbing required.
  • Mop the Floor. Start in the farthest corner of the bathroom and mop your way out of the door.

Effecient Cleaning Routine

Master Bedroom.

  • Moving from the bathroom, dust from left to right, top to bottom of the room.  First start with long dusting, then follow with short dusting.
  • Vacuum starting from the furthest corner of the room and making your way out the door.

Smaller Bathrooms.

  • Attack these bathrooms in the same progression as the master bathroom.  They are smaller and will take a third of the time.


  • Start in the children/guest bedrooms.  Dusting from the left of the door, long dust and follow with a short dust.
  • Dust the living room, family room, den, and any other remaining rooms. Use the same dusting pattern, left to right and top to bottom.


  • Starting left of the kitchen sink, wipe down the counters and any appliances and cabinet faces you pass by.  Continuing on, lift with your dominant hand and wipe with your other.  Wipe all debris to the floor, you will vacuum them up later.
  • Wipe the face of the refrigerator, stove top and inside of the microwave when you pass each.
  • Finish the kitchen with the sink.

Vacuum and mop

  • Starting in the farthest bedroom vacuum your way to the kitchen.
  • To mop, follow the same progression as vacuuming. You should finish by the front door to eliminate tracking on wet floors.

I want to hear from you!

Let me know how you did!  Track your steps and you time and comment below.

Do you have any tips on how you improve your cleaning efficiency? Let me know, I love hearing other ideas on how other companies cut cleaning times while still maintaining quality!

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