Learn the In’s and Out’s of how clean like a professional house cleaning. Offer a service your clients will NEVER want to LEAVE!


An inside guide to offering a Professional Cleaning Service. This is the same process I used to charge $37/ an hour.  This book lays out how to provide a Professional Service to keep clients coming back for years.

What’s inside

What to do when you get to a clients home


A Step by Step Guide on how to clean each room, along with cleaning order


House Cleaning Checklist printable to use with each service


How to organize the cleaning service to optimize speed cleaning


Assigning tasks per cleaning for 2 and 3 person cleaning teams


A guide to house cleaning etiquette

Equipment and Supplies Check list


Guide to communicating with clients professionally, 2 Email templates included

End of Day checklist to prepare for the next day


An Inside Look

What this Book will do for you


Clean Faster

If you follow the step by step process I have laid out to clean each room you will improve your cleaning times. Using this system, I was able to clean a 2400 square foot home in 2 hours and 45 minutes with 1 cleaner OR 1 hour 25 minutes with 2 cleaners.

Clean Better

Clean like the Pro’s and become the cleaner of choice. I teach you how to incorporate cleaning cabinets, baseboards, door trim, and other highly sought after cleaning tasks with your regular cleaning service. This allows you to charge more and create a competitive edge as being a Quality cleaning service.

Keep Clients Happy

If you follow my cleaning guide you will quickly become the cleaning company of choice for your area by becoming the Quality cleaning service of choice.

Table of Contents


Getting Started

The Foundation

House Cleaning Etiquette

Arriving at the Home

Equipment and Supplies

The Cleaning System

Organizing the Clean

Cleaning the Bathroom

Cleaning the Kitchen




Finishing the Home

Set the Stage for a Clean Home

Assigned Tasks for Each Cleaner

One Person Team

Two Person Team’s

Three Person Team’s

Bonus: After the Cleaning Service

Following up after the Cleaning Service

Sample Emails to send to clients

Preparing for he next days clients

Thank You

Questions smart people ask before purchasing

Who is this book for?

This EBook provides cleaning advice for businesses that clean residential homes on a recurring basis. If your business only cleans foreclosures, move-in/move-out cleanings, office or commercial cleanings these resources will not be the most beneficial for you.

When will I get my products?

Once you finalize the purchase, you will receive an email from SendOwl with a link to your downloads.

How long will I have access to the resources?

Forever! once you download the product, if you get a new computer or loose the file. You can revisit the link and download the products again.

Will I get updates to future updates made to the resources?

Yes! After I update a product, you will receive an email from me letting you know there has been an update and you will be able to download the newest version.

Can I return any of the products?

No. Because these products are digital you always have access to them and there is nothing physical to return.

I still have more questions, who can I contact?

Still not sure if these resources are for you, or you have more questions you can shoot me an email at Roberta@wellkeptclutter.com and I will get back with you shortly.

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