Where to look for house cleaning jobs

If you love to clean, and you have a strong attention to detail, then you may have what it takes to be a housekeeper. You can make anywhere from $12 – $50 an hour depending on who you work for. This post will take you through how to find house cleaning jobs.

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House keeper jobs


Visit websites of local cleaning businesses in your area

Do a google search for house cleaning services in your area. Find a cleaning business you want to work for and go to their website. The large cleaning businesses such as Molly Maid, The Maids, The Cleaning Authority have employment applications directly on their website that you can apply to.

Working for these types of companies you can expect to make about $450 – $500, these include entry level jobs. Some companies will pay you by the hour, while others will pay you a percentage of the cleaning fee.


Search openings for large cleaning companies.

Search on Indeed.com for house cleaning jobs

Indeed is a general job posting website and is one of the most popular sites to post and find jobs. Type in the words house cleaning jobs in the search bar at the top of the site and it will provide you with a list of cleaning jobs near you. Just doing a search for house cleaning jobs near me, I was able to find 107 similar jobs within a 25 mile radius.


Search for local cleaning jobs on indeed.com


When you find a job that best meets your availability and skill set you can apply to it directly on Indeed’s website. It is easier to create a profile directly on Indeed. This way you can quickly apply for multiple cleaning jobs without having to type in your information multiple times.

Search HouseKeeper.com for house cleaning jobs

HouseKeeper.com is a job posting site for House keeping jobs. The majority of the job postings are by homeowners looking to find a house keeper for their home. You can expect to find daily or weekly housekeeping jobs, rental cleaning jobs or even caretaker cleaning services.

Most of the jobs pay by the hour anywhere from $15 – $40 an hour, with most being on the lower end of that. The number of hours you work a week will depend on the needs of the job and how many jobs you get hired for. Most of these jobs are looking for housekeeping tasks that include general cleaning, dishes, laundry, changing of linens, organization, and keeping the house tidy.


house cleaning jobs on housekeeper.com


With these housekeeping jobs you will most likely not receive training and many jobs require that you have experience. Have a few references of other houses you have cleaned ready to provide to the homeowners when applying for a job.

Benefits to working with a large company

Low Risk

When you work for another company, they are responsible for having the insurance. They carry the risk of the cleaning that you perform. For example, if the company, has you clean with a certain cleaner, and it ruins a clients floors or surface. The company is on the hook for replacing or repairing the damage, not you.

One thing to note here is to make sure you check with the company’s policies on damage and breakage. Some cleaning companies will require their employees to reimburse for breakage or damage. They may do this in reducing your pay or putting you on probation.


You will receive training

When you are hired on with a cleaning company, they will offer you training on how to clean houses using their systems. This is great training to learn how to clean quickly and efficiently. You will learn how to use different types of cleaning equipment and different types of cleaning products. The more houses you clean, the more you will become familiar with how different cleaning products and which products work best.

After working for a cleaning company for a while you will develop the skills to branch off on your own and start your own cleaning business. You will get lots of practice cleaning and learn what customers like and don’t like.

Though before you break out on your own, check with your companies’ policies. You may have had to sign a no compete contract meaning you agree not to start a cleaning business for a certain amount of time after leaving the company.




What to look for when searching for House cleaning jobs

Does the company provide workers comp insurance?

Cleaning houses does pose some safety risks such as chemical burns/irritations, slipping and falling on wet floor. You may have to step on a ladder to reach high areas and could risk falling. It is important to ask your employer if they have workers comp insurance. Insurance will protect you if you get hurt on the job. If you get hurt and the company does not have the proper insurance, you will have to pay for all medical fees and you will not get paid for your time not worked.


Does the company offer training?

Everyone cleans their own houses. But cleaning another person’s home takes some trained skills. Reputable cleaning services provide thorough training to their cleaning technicians. In your interview ask what their training looks like. You should expect to have a few days of working with a lead or trainer.


Does the company provide uniforms, or do you have to purchase your own?

Most reputable house cleaning services provide uniforms to their house cleaners. You should expect to be provided with a t-shirt and cleaning apron. I would shy away from a company that expects its house cleaners to purchase their own uniforms. There is no need for you to buy your own.


Do they reimburse mileage?

Driving from house-to-house costs money. If you are driving your own car you will be putting wear and tear on your vehicle and paying for the gas. Make sure the company reimburses your mileage if your expected to drive your own car. The company should reimburse you a certain amount per mile that you drive.


Do they pay by the hour or by the job?

Before starting any job it is important to know how you will be getting paid. House cleaning services either pay their employees either by the hour or by a percentage of a job. If you are paid by a percentage of the job, the more houses you can clean, the more money you will make.




Start your own house cleaning business.

This is my favorite house cleaning job. By starting your own business, you control your own schedule, how you clean, and you get all the profits. It does take more effort starting your own house cleaning business or maid service, but the rewards are totally worth it.

You can expect to make $25 – $50/ an hour cleaning houses if you own your own business. That is a lot more than if you were working for another cleaning business. If you cleaned 2 houses a day by yourself at 3 hours each, you could make $150 – $300/ per day!

The great thing about starting a cleaning business is, it does not take a lot of money to do so. As long as you have some cleaning supplies and a car you can get started. Once you start getting more clients, you can then start spending some money on advertising, promotions and some fancier tools.

If you want to learn more about how you can start your own house cleaning business visit my guide here. I go over all the steps it takes to start your own business.



The easiest way to find cleaning jobs when you own your own business is to create a website and claim your cleaning business on Google. Many homeowners look for cleaning services online, it is the new yellow pages. By claiming your business on Google you will show up for local search results for cleaning businesses in your area.

Other ways to find house cleaning jobs is to let your family and friends know you are looking for cleaning jobs. If they are not in need of house cleaning, maybe they know some one who is.


If you scrolled to the bottom, here is a quick list of how to find house cleaning jobs:
  1. Visit local cleaning business website for job postings
  2. Browse job postings on housekeeper.com
  3. Search house cleaning jobs on Indeed.com
  4. Start your own cleaning business


How to find house cleaning jobs


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