It’s no secret that cleaning with an apron saves you time and energy. But what should you look for when buying a cleaning apron?

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What is the purpose of a cleaning apron?

The purpose of using an apron for cleaning is that it will hold all of your cleaning supplies while you clean.

For example, when you are dusting a living room and come up to a class table, you can put your duster in your back pocket and grab the glass cleaner and microfiber cloth from your apron.

When you are done cleaning the glass table put your supplies back into your apron, grab your duster out of your back pocket and continue cleaning.

There was no need to come back later with the glass cleaner to clean the table. You are able to clean all surfaces in a room the first time because you are carrying all of your cleaning supplies with you.

Cool huh?!?!?


8 Reasons why you need an apron with pockets

1. To keep your cleaning supplies close at hand.

If you’re wearing an apron with pockets, you can easily keep all of your cleaning supplies close at hand. This way, you won’t have to go searching for them every time you need to use them

2. To be more organized.

An apron with pockets can help you to be more organized while you’re cleaning. This way, you won’t have to stop what you’re doing to search for something that you need. When you place your tools back in the same pocket, you will always know where to reach for it next time.

3. To avoid losing things.

If you’re constantly misplacing your cleaning supplies, wearing an apron with pockets will help to avoid this problem. This way, you’ll always know where they are when you need them. No more wasting time looking for tools you set down or accidentally leaving something behind!

4. To save time.

By keeping your cleaning supplies close at hand in an apron with pockets, you’ll save yourself the time that would otherwise be spent searching for them.

5. To keep your hands free.

Wearing an apron with pockets will allow you to keep your hands free while you’re cleaning. This way, you can use both hands while cleaning. Don’t be stuck holding your cleaning bottle with one hand and a towel with another. This is not an effective use of your time. You will want one hand to move and lift items while the other hand cleans with the towel.

6. To carry other things besides cleaning supplies.

You will need to carry other things besides just cleaning supplies, an apron with pockets can help with this. For example, if you need to carry a dustpan and brush, paper towels, or garbage bags, an apron with pockets will make this easy to do.

7. To look professional.

If you’re trying to give off a professional image, wearing an apron with pockets is a good way to do this. Having an apron as part of your uniform makes you look like a professional cleaner who knows what they are doing.

8. To keep your clothes clean.

If you’re doing any kind of cleaning, whether it’s scrubbing the floors or dusting, you’re going to get dirty. Wearing an apron while cleaning will help to keep your clothes clean and free from stains.


What is a speed-cleaning apron?

Speed cleaning is a popular phrase nowadays. It was popularized by Jeff Campbell who started the company Speed Cleaning.

A speed cleaning apron is just a phrase that refers to an apron that helps with cleaning efficiently and helps you clean fast. Speed cleaning aprons are durable, and have pockets and loops to hold all of your cleaning tools while you clean.


The Best Cleaning Apron



What to look for when buying a Cleaning Apron:

Has Pockets

Having a cleaning apron with pockets is an absolute must. The purpose of the apron is to hold your cleaning tools not to protect your clothes.

When shopping, look for an apron with ATLEAST 3 pockets or more. You’ll want to have pockets so that you have separate compartments to place small tools and clean and dirty towels.

A cleaning apron without pockets will be a complete waste of your money and will not do much help for you when cleaning houses.


Has Loops

Look for a cleaning apron that has loops on the side by your hips. Have you ever put your spray bottle down to clean a surface? Then you kept cleaning only to find you forgot where you put the bottle down??? Well, I have and it sucks!

Loops are great to hold your spray bottles. The lever fits nicely into the loops which makes it super easy to have your spray bottle with you at all times. Make sure to get a smaller spray bottle though, the larger ones are more difficult when you are moving around quickly. They have a tendency to bump around on furniture and your legs as you walk.


Is Water Resistant or Water Proof

Cleaning is a messy and wet job. Look for an apron that will hold up to getting splashed with water. let’s face it, you will be washing down showers and have the potential to be of getting wet.

I remember my first apron, it was great had pockets and loops and I thought wow! what a game-changer. But I quickly found that it was not water resistant or waterproof. I remember by the second home, my apron would be wet. My pants would be wet from soaking through the apron.

It was uncomfortable and it did not keep my towels and tools dry while I was cleaning. It did not take me long to invest in a waterproof apron.


Has an Adjustable clip to secure it around your waist

Another mistake I made when buying my first apron was buying one without an adjustable clip to secure around my waist. I had to tie my first apron around my waist.

What happened is my apron would start falling down halfway through the cleaning service. When you start adding your spray bottles and grabbing things in and out of your apron it starts to tug on the apron. If you just have a tie around your waist your apron will start falling.

I would have to keep tying and securing the apron around my waist throughout the cleaning. It was annoying and a wasted time.

Having an adjustable clip securely keeps your apron up around your waist while you are cleaning.


House Cleaning Apron Reviews:

These are my top 3 picks when buying a cleaning apron, read about what features make them great and which features can be improved upon.


Clean Team Apron – Retails at $27.95

Clean Team apron review

The Clean Team Apron has been around for a long time. It is a durable apron that offers pockets for all your tools and gadgets. The Clean Team is the original brand around speed cleaning and they build this apron for just that.

This is a great apron for cleaning, the biggest downfall is that it does not do so well in the waterproof arena.


Pros to the Clean Team Apron

  • Includes small pockets at the top of the apron which is great for holding small tools such as your small detail brush or scrapers.
  • Offers customization. You can get your business name or logo embroidered on the apron and comes in 6 different colors to match your brand.
  • Has loops at the hip to hold your spray bottles.
  • Comes with an adjustable clip to secure around your waist.

Con’s to the Clean Team Apron

  • This apron is not waterproof. Though it does come with waterproof liners to help keep some of the pockets protected.
  • The price is a little higher than other competition. But they have name recognition and are able to charge an additional price.



Supply Maid Cleaning Apron – Retails at $23.97

Supply Maid Cleaning Apron review.

The Supply Maid apron is a little newer on the market than the Clean Team apron. It was started by a cleaning business owner.

It is a great all-around apron for Cleaning Services. Plenty of places to hold all of your tools for hands-free cleaning.


Pro’s of the Supply Maid Apron

  • Is very durable.
  • Has 2 larger pockets below and 3 small pockets at the top for easy access to your tools.
  • Special tools holder. These are rings that you can attach around the belt to hold things like your duster so you don’t have to put it in your back pocket.
  • Has 2 loops at the hip to hold your spray bottles.
  • Comes with an adjustable clip to secure around your waist.
  • This apron is 100% waterproof.


Con’s to the Supply Maid Apron

  • The waterproof material can be warm to wear as it is not as breathable as a basic cloth apron.
  • Some of the reviews said the buckle did not always stay tight but said they either replaced the buckle or ended up tying the apron.



Klever House Cleaning Tool Belt – Retails for $24.95

Klever house cleaning tool belt review

The Klever House Cleaning Tool Belt is a bit of a less conventional design than the standard apron. It is built more as a belt with extended pockets than an apron.

I added this to my review because it was a little different than the standard cleaning apron. If you like more of the utility belt feel this one is more for you. It still checks off the majority of the must-have boxes when buying an apron for house cleaning.

Though be careful when buying, many of the reviews gave it a poor rating for quality. If this is an apron that interests you, I recommend first buying 1 and trying it out before you invest in multiple.


Pros of the Klever House Cleaning Tool Belt

  • 6 pockets in 3 different sizes to hold different types of tools. 2 of the pockets are more like pouches which are great for keeping your cell phone safe.
  • Special tools holder. These are rings that you can attach around the belt to hold things like your duster so you don’t have to put it in your back pocket.
  • Has loop a loop to hold your spray bottles.


Con’s to the Klever House Cleaning Tool Belt

  • The pockets are not very large, there is not a ton of space to hold extra clean or dirty towels. When I clean I always have multiple clean microfiber towels when cleaning the bathroom or cleaning the kitchen.
  • The pockets sit more on your hip. This can create more bulk around your waist and make it more difficult to move around furniture.
  • There were several reviews that said the apron did not get small enough to fit their waist. Even though there is an adjustable belt, it may not get small enough for those with more of a petite build
  • Several customer reviews also gave in a low rating on the quality of the build.



My Final Thoughts:

All in all my favorite pick is the Supply Maid apron. It is still owned by a small cleaning business owner and it checks off all the must-have boxes. It is waterproof, durable, and has great pockets for efficient cleaning.

My second runner-up is the Clean Team apron. It is a great durable apron as well and is used by many house cleaning companies.


The Best Cleaning Aprons with Pockets


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