Want an easy way to track your House Cleaning Business income?

#1. Track your expenses in 1 place

#2. Track your Revenue, and see it increase

#3. Combine your Revenue and Expenses to calculate your Income/Profits

What’s included with the Bookkeeping bundle

The bookkeeping bundle will help you keep all of your Revenue and Expenses in 1 location. No more hunting for receipts, or omitting information at tax time. Use the annual reports for recording your Revenue and Expenses on your tax return.


A CLOSER look of what is inside the Bundle

The Expense Tracking Forms

A Fully editable Expense Tracker one page for each month of the year. With automatic formulas that sum all of your expenses for each category and each month.

Annual Expense Tracker auto-populates when you fill in your expenses on each months tab.

Revenue and Expense merge into one sheet automatically to provide your monthly and annual income. You fill in the Revenue for the month and the rest populates.

The Revenue Tracking Forms

Track your Revenue by client and by month. With 12 worksheet tabs for each month. Each months total will automatically fill on the first tab.

Auto-populating monthly revenue report. As you fill int your revenue each month the annual report populates.

I am a secrete Excel nerd and love creating easy to use forms to improve business processes. I created these forms so that brand new cleaning businesses did not have to invest in expensive accounting software. When you are first starting out revenue is low, don’t spend your money on fancy tools until you are making the Revenue to support the expense.